Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Koloss Head-munching Day Contest Results

Congrats to our winners:

1. Katelyn
2. Emily
3.  Ken R

Please email me (inkwingarts at gmail dot com) asap with your desired shirt, size, and address to send it to.

Reminder: coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAY is good until December 20th at midnight. Buy two shirts, get $10 off your order!

I hope everyone has a happy Koloss Head-munching Day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Koloss Head-munching Day Contest

Koloss Head-munching Day is on December 19th! Whoohoo!

For the contest this month, comment below on what you're gonna do to celebrate (in-world or out!). There will be 3 winners picked randomly on December 16th so enter early. You'll get to pick whatever t-shirt you want and I'll try to get it to you before the 23rd.

If any of you have one of our Happy Koloss Head-munching Day t-shirts, send me ( a picture of you wearing it and I'll post a fun blog post with all the pics on the 19th, which we'll then send to Brandon. :-) Should be fun!!

For those interested, here's a coupon code for buy 2 shirts, get $10 off your order: HAPPYHOLIDAYS (Good thru Dec. 20 midnight)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Deals!

ALL t-shirts are on sale! From noon-midnight ONLY!! Free shipping code: cybermonday also available. Go to:

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Invite Contest Results

Happy Thanksgiving!

First, the Winners:

*Please email me at inkwingarts at gmail dot com with your shirt design, size, and an address!*

Next, Coupon Codes:

1. HAMISBETTER for 25% off your entire order (Turkey Day only)
2. BLACKFRIDAYRULES for Free Shipping (Black Friday only)
3. PUTUPTHETREEDAY for $5 off your order (Sat 11/26 only)

Last, FYI:

1. There will be a huge sale on t-shirts Cyber Monday.
2. There will be additional coupon codes through Twitter/Facebook on Cyber Monday.
3. I only have 7 gamer bag sets left. If you want one, don't wait!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Invite Contest

We have a new product! Behold the ultimate Gamer Bags:

Pick your theme and you'll have two bags coming to you!

Seriously, these are awesome! Handmade by myself and my wonderful mother, these bags are so amazing that we are never making them again. Why? It has taken us a year to finish them. Totally worth it!! They are beautiful! We only made a limited number of them so when they are gone... they are gone FOREVER!! So if you want a set, I would order it sooner rather than later.

I'm so thankful these bags are done and ready to sell. Just in time for the holidays! We will be having a Cyber Monday sale so check us out that day. I would recommend following us on Twitter or our Facebook Page for random coupon codes too.

Okay! This month's contest details: Comment below with the one person from Brandon's worlds you would like to invite to your Thanksgiving Dinner and why. Three winners will be chosen randomly for a t-shirt of their choice. Winners will be announced Thanksgiving Day (along with some great coupon codes). We enjoy reading all of  your comments! Good Luck!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Midnight Release Party Pics

We had a fabulous time at Brandon's midnight release party for Alloy of Law. Here's some pics:

Cool makeup! (17th Shard's Josh Walker)
17th Shard showing off their new t-shirts!
It's baby Kaladin! Seriously!
It's baby Kaladin's blanket made just for him.
Brandon and Isaac pre-signing books.
Peter and his lovely wife Karen as Allomancer Jak and Ms. Jak.
Our first winner!
Our second winner! It's her first Brandon book. Welcome!
Personalizing books takes a long time, but very worth it! Thanks Brandon and Isaac!
We had a 3rd winner, but don't know why I didn't snap a pic of him. Weird.

I hope many of you will get to see and chat with Brandon as he is on tour. 
Send us a pic in your InkWing shirt and we'll post it!

We hope you can join us at the next midnight release next year, same place! 
Start planning now cuz its gonna be HUGE!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Contest Results

Happy Halloween! Here are our winners (picked randomly!!):

1. triciakristufek  I'm going as a pirate with my daughter for Halloween.
2. ~crystaldawn~ This year we are going as zombies. Awesome zombies. :)
3. db4e4010-5945-11e0-a02c-000bcdca4d7a This year I'm going trick or treating with the kids as a red and black evil jester and then to a party as Conan the Barbarian.

You're costumes this year sound awesome! Please send me an email with your shirt request and where to send it at inkwingarts at gmail dot com.

For those who didn't win this month, watch for another contest next month and remember FREE SHIPPING on Alloy of Law shirts for a limited time! Order your fast so you can show off your fandom for Brandon's newest book coming out November 8!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Contest

Yes this month's contest is later than usual. But that's because I wanted to make sure to have the new Alloy of Law t-shirt ready to give away and of course to order. It seriously rocks! I'm so happy with how well these shirts turned out. The details are fabulous and I guarantee you want one. Especially since I'm going to give this shirt free shipping for the next two weeks. No coupon code required! So, order yours asap!

We will be at the midnight release party of Alloy of Law giving away shirts. Isaac did the maps again so he will also be there signing with Brandon. Hope to see lots of people there!

Contest details: What character from Brandon's worlds would make the coolest costume? And for kicks, tell me what you're dressing up as (if you are). Three winners will be picked randomly on Halloween to win whatever shirt you want. What a great treat! I'm looking forward to the comments... we love to read them!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Design Contest Results

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. Isaac and I read them all and the shirt is gonna look awesome! I'm hoping for them to be available to sell next month so ya'll can wear them to Brandon's book signing tour.

For those of you who didn't win, here's a coupon code for 25% off any shirt order: septcontest

Our winners this month:

1- Zach Stay
2- Aimee dauphinais
3- Irish Yndina

Winners, please email me at inkwingarts at gmail dot com with an address, shirt design, and size. Congrats!

Check back next month for another chance to win t-shirts. You can follow us via blog, facebook, and/or twitter! I only post contests and screaming deals. Join us!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Design Contest

We finally got the design for our new Alloy of Law T-shirts done. Check it out:

Design by Patrick Spens

We want to know what you think. Comment below and let us know:
1- Do you like it?
2- Do you like the design on blue? Any other color suggestion?
3- Do you want it to say "Mistborn", "Alloy of Law", nothing, or something else?

When you comment below with what you think about this new design, you'll be entered into this month's drawing for a free t-shirt. Winners will be randomly picked and announced Wednesday, Sept. 21. One week from today so remember to check back and see if you won!

Other news:
Isaac has his website updated with all his artwork from Mistborn and Way of Kings and a few other projects he's done. Check it out!

We're gearing up for the Holiday season. Keep a lookout for patches, bags, and new shirts coming in the next couple of weeks. Great gift ideas!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WorldCon Contest Results

WorldCon was a blast! Thanks to everyone who found me and let me give them fun stuff.

We enjoyed reading through your comments. Many of you put some great thought into your posts. Wow! It was very hard to pick winners, but we did manage it.

Contest Winners:

James Clark

Please email me: with your desired shirt, size, and address.

I have a few extra goodies left over from WorldCon, so if you want one... email me and ask!

Thanks for your participation!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WorldCon Contest

Isaac and I are headed to WorldCon in Reno, and I'm way excited! So excited that I think I will make it more fun by giving lots of stuff away. Yay!

I will have free t-shirts, stickers, and anything else I can find to give away at WorldCon. I will randomly Tweet where I'm at and what I'm wearing and the first person to find me gets the prize. Pretty simple. So if you're attending WorldCon... come say hi!

For everyone else that cannot attend WorldCon, I will run a normal contest here:  If you were in charge of the Mistborn world and could make a metal with a cool power, what would it be? Comment to win a free t-shirt of your choice. We will pick our favorites!

This week I have a FREE SHIPPING coupon for all contest participants: worldconrules

Product Updates:
**Stormlight T-shirts are now $17.95 and printed on a navy blue t-shirt instead of black. A better, softer shirt that I think we will be using from now on.
**Allow of Law T-shirts will be sent to the printer soon. Still working out a few details. But it looks awesome!! And it will be on the new soft shirts.

Contest results will be posted on Tuesday, August 23.

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coupon Contest Results 2

Sadly my free t-shirt coupons didn't work as well as I had hoped.  Lame. It still wanted to make you pay shipping. So, I'm gonna work on that one a bit more. 

But I still need winners! First 3 people to email me ( with their shirt choice, size, and address will get the shirt for free.

Don't forget that the coupon code SHIPPINGSTINKS works and will be valid until the end of the month.

Thanks again for all your comments!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coupon Contest Results

Thanks for all the comments and wonderful coupon ideas! I will use them.  :-)

Free shipping was the most popular so here's a coupon code for it: SHIPPINGSTINKS
This coupon will be good until the end of the month! Thanks for you participation!

I will usually include a fun coupon code when I do these contests. And once in a while I will possibly post them on Twitter and/or Facebook randomly.

Quick update: We are working on a fabulous shirt design for Alloy of Law. Hoping to have it available next month by the time we head to WorldCon. I'll keep ya'll posted!

Winners this month will be determined by speed. I have created a coupon for a free shirt and put a limit of 3 on it. So, the first 3 people to use the code at checkout, get the free t-shirt.  Here it is: FREEFORME ***Coupon ended up not working as well as hoped.  See next post. ***

Ready, set.... GO!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Coupon Contest

For July, I am making this a really simple contest. I want to know if you like online coupons? Simply comment below with a yes, no, and any suggestions for some coupons you would like to see for (besides free t-shirts for all).

There will be THREE T-shirt winners this month!

Our store just got the option for making coupons and I'm excited to use the feature. I made one just for this contest!

Here it is: INKWINGRULES gets you $2 off your order! Expires 7/26/2011 @11:59pm.

Please remember to check back next week to see if you won.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oathstone Contest Results!

It was so fun reading what everyone would do with Szeth and his Oathstone. Many of your comments made me stop and think for a bit...  others made me laugh! Thanks for all your great comments!

Now for our winners!

1. Curtis
2. punk_rocker
3. Sarabi

PLEASE email me at with your desired shirt design and size and of course where you would like me to send it. Congrats to our winners!

THANKS to all who commented! Next month's contest will include something a little bit different...  :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oathstone Contest

This month has been full of commuting kids, trying to get settled into our new home, and general family craziness. So, I'm a little late posting this month's contest.  Sorry!

Szeth. If you have his Oathstone he has to do whatever you say. What would you have him do for you if you only had 1 week to hold his Oathstone? Comment below and you'll be entered into a drawing for a free t-shirt! I think I'll give away 3 this month...

And do yourself a favor... check back in a week to see if you won.  Last month's winner didn't email me back so they didn't get their shirts.  I was very sad that I didn't get to send out any free shirts. Very sad!

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and of course this Blog.  I only post contest info, winners and new products (when we get them) so don't worry about getting tons of annoying posts.  Good stuff only!

Good Luck!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mistings Only Contest Winners!

We have 3 winners!

1- "a eberting" (Tin-eye)
2- "Bekah" (Tin-eye)
3- "Mean Mommy" (Seeker)

Please send me an email at!  Let me know what size you want and where to send your free Mistborn Allomantic Table T-shirt!

Thanks to everyone that commented.  I put together this list to find out what metal everyone would choose if they were a Misting.  Here are the results:

pewter 30
brass 14
tin 14
steel 13
zinc 7
atium 7
bendalloy 4
Iron 3
cadmium 3
electrum 2
bronze 2
gold 2
copper 2
nicrosil 1
duralumin 1
malatium 1

Thanks for everyone's participation! Next contest will be in June.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mistings Only Contest

If you couldn't be a Mistborn, but you could be a Misting, which metal would you choose and why?
Comment below and you'll get a chance to win 1 of 3 free Mistborn Allomantic Table T-shirts (which happen to also be on sale this month!). I will announce the winners in a week so please check back to see if you won! Winners are chosen randomly this month.

Good Luck!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Moving Contest Winners!

We loved reading all of the great comments!

I kept track of where everyone wanted to move and here are the results:

Roshar: 32 (various places... many potential light-eyes!)
Scadrial: 18 (who wouldn't want to be a Mistborn?)
Nalthis: 15 (where everyone could do magic if they wanted)
Elantris: 10 (the possibility of immortality is very tempting...)
Inner Libraria: 7 (glass dragons anyone?)
Dragonsteel: 3 (they really want to find Hoid!)
Shadesmar: 2 (a mysterious place yet to be explored)

Now for the winners:

Kaladin T-shirt Winners: 

1. Bryce's Ramblings (He's an evil librarian!)
2. Bradley J. Menne (Wants to move to Scadrial.)

Button Pack Winners:

1. Jeremy Bowers (wants to meet an evil librarian)
2. Emily (hoping to be Dalinar's scribe)

All winners please send me an email at that includes your address and your size (if applicable!).

Thanks to everyone for participating!  I already have a great idea for next month's contest...  I should be moved in fully and hopefully somewhat settled by then.


Monday, April 18, 2011

A Moving Contest

We are moving this month! It's been a long time coming and a short time happening.  Crazy times! But of course I still want to give free stuff away this month so here is the contest:

If you could move to any of Brandon's Worlds, which one would you move to and why?

Simply comment to this post and you're entered in to win prizes!  I have 2 Kaladin shirts and 2 button packs to give away. Winners will be chosen randomly this month, unless there's a comment I just can't pass up.  :)

Contest will be from 4/18-4/22.  Winners announced 4/25.

Good Luck!

Monday, March 28, 2011

We have Winners!

It took us forever last night to pick our favorites!  Isaac and I were laughing so hard and just enjoying each of the comments.  Thanks so much for all your participation!

We were finally able to get down to an Elite Eight (It was so very hard!).  And, because I can't give that many shirts away (sad!), the top 3 get their choice of shirt and the other 5 get free stickers.  So, the winners:

First Place: 
Syd said...
Happy Birthday to Sazed! I am giving you Wonder Woman's bracelets of Amazonium. They store VIRILITY- giving you your balls back!
Second Place:

Kyle said...
happy birthday. I would give Ruin the entire "Twilight" universe. Let him destroy the hell out of that!
Third Place:
Carl said...
I would give Marsh some Visine.

Fourth Place Ties (in no particular order!):

Clintd27 said...
I would give Ruin Terry Goodkind.
André said...
I would give Vin a bath.
Daniel McShea said...
I would give Sazed a holy bible, have fun with that one buddy!
Todd Moses said...
Breeze needs the new Pat Rothfuss book.
Lauren Roundy said...
I would give Kelsier the Elder Wand from the Harry Potter series :)

And of course our Random T-shirt winner: Midanya Fellshard! 

Congratualtions to all our Winners!  Winners, please send me an email ( so I can get your prizes shipped to you.  All of the comments are worth reading so take the time to browse them.  Thanks again for participating!  We will do another fun contest in April so keep checking back.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Contest!!

It's my birthday so I want to give something away.  So, your choice of FREE T-shirt is the prize. 

Here are the rules:

Leave a comment telling me which Mistborn or Stormlight Archive character you would give a Birthday present to and of course what you would give them.  Fun!

I'll pick my favorite and choose a random comment (or two) for the winners.

Contest ends in a week.  Spread the word!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Warning: Contest Approaching!!

Check for details on 3/21/2011.  It's going to be fun.  You have been warned.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Kaladin Symbol T-Shirt

As promised, the Kaladin Symbol T-shirt is now designed and ready for Pre-Order! 

This design will include Women's shirts with limited sizes.

And as promised-- Free Shipping on all Pre-Orders!!

I'm really excited for this one!  Check it out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Contest Results

First:  Congrats to "Bradlee"!!  You won your choice of t-shirt!  Send me an email and we'll work the details out.

Next:  It was a really close contest, but the winner is Kaladin followed sooooo close by Szeth!  So what does this mean?  We will release a Kaladin t-shirt and then a Szeth t-shirt.  Both will be available for pre-order with free shipping for a limited time so keep an eye out for that.

Last:  Thanks so much for all the comments!  I will try to run another contest for more free t-shirts next month!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Contest Ends 2/15/2011

I realized I forgot to state when this awesome contest ends.  It ends tomorrow at midnight.  I will draw the winner and announce the results Wednesday morning.  So far, its really close between Kaladin and Szeth...

Spread the word!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Which is your favorite?

Yay it's contest time! 

All you have to do is comment on which t-shirt you like the best. Then you will be entered into a drawing for a free t-shirt of your choice. Pretty simple and sweet! If you're feeling a bit chatty, please let us know why you chose that t-shirt.

Comments can be on Twitter, InkWing Fan Page, or here at our Blog.

Here's the contestants:
1. Dalinar Icon
2. Kaladin Icon
3. Shallan Icon
4. Interludes Icon
5. Szeth Icon

Good Luck!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Featured by Goodsie

InkWing is currently being featured by Goodsie!  We love Goodsie!

Check it out here!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Check It Out!

You can now use Check Out with Amazon and Google Checkout on InkWing.Com!  We want to make things as easy for you as possible.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Things First

I finally got around to making a blog.  I will use this Blog, Twitter, and InkWing.Com Facebook Page to post news, contests, free wallpapers, etc.  I have links to all of these on the main website.

I'm looking forward to a fantastic year!