Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WorldCon Contest

Isaac and I are headed to WorldCon in Reno, and I'm way excited! So excited that I think I will make it more fun by giving lots of stuff away. Yay!

I will have free t-shirts, stickers, and anything else I can find to give away at WorldCon. I will randomly Tweet where I'm at and what I'm wearing and the first person to find me gets the prize. Pretty simple. So if you're attending WorldCon... come say hi!

For everyone else that cannot attend WorldCon, I will run a normal contest here:  If you were in charge of the Mistborn world and could make a metal with a cool power, what would it be? Comment to win a free t-shirt of your choice. We will pick our favorites!

This week I have a FREE SHIPPING coupon for all contest participants: worldconrules

Product Updates:
**Stormlight T-shirts are now $17.95 and printed on a navy blue t-shirt instead of black. A better, softer shirt that I think we will be using from now on.
**Allow of Law T-shirts will be sent to the printer soon. Still working out a few details. But it looks awesome!! And it will be on the new soft shirts.

Contest results will be posted on Tuesday, August 23.

Good luck!


  1. Well, metals come in sets of 4 so here it is! It was hard trying to come up with any additions much less four that Brandon hadn't already covered in some way.

    Antimony - External Pulling - Cools metal 'pulled'
    Magnesium - External Pushing - Heats metal 'pushed'
    Thorium - Internal Pulling - Lowers heartrate/metabolism (User needs less food/water/air etc.)
    Inconel - Internal Pushing - Speeds Metabolism, removes toxins from body (Hard to get drunk, kill with poison, but needs to eat a lot)

  2. Bismuth = Allows for levitation. It goes with the diamagnetism of the element, as well.

  3. I'd have gold dampen other's senses. So they don't notice you. You seem to slide past their conscience.

  4. Got an external pair here:

    Titanium: burning can make a target metal harder
    Beta C (vanadium/chromium/titanium alloy): burning can soften a target metal

  5. Duralumin: burning this allow makes the body ridged, so falls or jumps from great heights/ or swimming at great depths possible.

  6. Magnesium. When you pushed on it, it will temporarily increase the strength of any metals that allomancers around you are burning but nor your own.

    If you pull on it then it dampens the effects of any metals that any nearby allomancers are burning but not yours.

  7. Rhodite (gold + rhodium): abillity to enhance the mind of the user to push ideas into other people
    Mistings are called: willbenders

    Whitegold (gold + palladium): ability to enhance the mind of the user to pull (read) ideas from other peoples mind
    Mistings are called: pokers (from poking around in other peoples minds)

  8. Tellurium would allow:

    -Allomantic water breathing (pulling oxygen from water). Misting: Gilly? Fishmouth sounds bad.

    -Feruchemic space breathing (dangerous/hard to acquire because storing oxygen makes it difficult for one to breathe)

    -Hemalurgic ability to lengthen life (by stealing others') because Tellurium was discovered in Transylvania, after all.

  9. Hmmm, I'd go with titanium (I guess that would only allow for more advance civilizations to use it though)... and it would basically be a middle-ground metal, giving you a bit of speed, bit of strength, and a bit of endurance.

  10. I'd go with lead. It could protect you from radiation, pressure, heat, and even some poisons. But the catch is that if you use it too much, you get lead poisoning.

  11. Mercury - White lines sprout from you chest linking you to sources of metal. If you choose to Pull against any of those sources, the metal sublimates and recedes into the Pullers chest.

    Mercury/Cadmium Alloy - A Pusher can "feel" the metals inside of him, allowing him to recreate any metal that he sublimated. Alternatively, a powerful Pusher can recreate the metals someone else has sublimated.

  12. Nickel: An Allomancer burning Nickel is able to read the mind of another individual. Not straight telepathy, but can see images and the occasional word if it's a particularly strong thought. For example, if a person was thinking, "I'm going to grab the knife on the table and stab him in the stomach," the Allomancer might Read images of the knife and the word "stomach". It takes a skilled Allomancer to interpret the flashes, since the person might be thinking, "My stomach is growling. I'm going to use that knife to butter some bread."

    Alnico (aluminum, cobalt): An Allomancer burning Alnico can Send thoughts into another's mind in the same fashion. The person receiving the thoughts will get flashes and the Allomancer cannot control exactly what those flashes will be. A skilled Sender will focus intensely on basic images to get as much control as possible. For example, if he wanted to communicate, "There's someone sneaking up behind us," he might focus solely on an image of the receiver's back. This means more certainty about what image/word will be Sent, but it also means less specific information.

  13. I would have tungsten be external and give protection against physical attacks. (I like what David said. I wish I had come up with that first.)

  14. Titainium: Gives the allomancer the ability to make him/her self or anything within the range of their power either to have the durablility of titainium. Or do the reverse of this and make it soft enough that you could tear steel with your hands.

  15. Kendarum and it's twin, Fendarum, are extensions of the physical pushing and pulling metals.

    Kendarum - allows for it's user to exert their pulls through other metallic objects. For instace, two silver candlesticks sit on a table. An Allomancer would burn Iron first to prepare their pulls, but when burning Kendarum in coordination, their pulls may be "outsourced" to other objects. So instead of pulling a candlestick directly towards oneself, the Allomancer could force an attraction on one candlestick towards the other.

    Fendarum - The opposite of Kendarum, Fendarum exerts pushes from distance objects onto another and requires the previous burning of Steel to activate.

  16. Titanium - When burning titanium, push it to make your enemy do the macarena.

    Vanadium (Titanium/vanadium alloy) - When burning a titanium/vanadium alloy, pull it to make your enemy pick up brass instruments and join a New Orleans jazz funeral procession.

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  18. I saw a lot of ideas similar to my first ideas, so it made me had to think on this longer. Good job guys, make me work for this contest, haha. So here is my four metal Internal/external pushing/pulling group.

    Tungsten - Internal Pushing- Hardens skin to be as hard as metal, making it incredibly hard to cut, pierce, etc. The harder the skin gets, the more difficult it is to move. To make skin metal hard a misting has to stop moving physically. A mistborn could still push themselves with steel.
    Mistings called Hardhides

    Rhenium - External Pushing- Hardens the skin of someone else, like Tungstun, but makes it rigid and them unable to move. While this immobilizes
    a target, it also makes it harder to harm them.
    Mistings called Trappers

    Hastelloy - External Pulling - Softens a target metal, allowing doors to be pulled off hinges, swords to be folded, armor to be pierced, etc.
    Mistings called Whitesmiths

    Cobalt - Internal Pulling- Softens bones and makes it easier to survive falls or impacts by bones bending. A side effect of this is it can be very painful and harm internal organs.
    Mistings called Springheels

  19. Burning Lead would make an Allomancer Immovable. A Mistings who can only burn lead is known as an "Anchor." Although, they are very rare due to the usual lethal effects of ingesting lead.

    Burning Silver would make an Allomancer Undetectable by others (similar to how brass soothes emotions and the opposite of how tin enhances senses). Silver Mistings are also known as "Shrouders".

    Though Lead and Silver are said to make Allomancers sick, a true Mistborn or a Misting attuned to those metals could use them safely.

    Burning Titanium would make an Allomancer's skin hard enough to deflect almost any physical attack. A Misting who can only burn titanium is known as an "Ironhide".

    - Jim Grace

  20. I have seen this idea already but I still like it.

    I would have a mind reading metal. One that lets you read someone else's mind and it's alloy that lets you push your thoughts into someone else.

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  22. Aluminium oxide: Grants the user the ability to Soulcast Fire

  23. == Perception ==
    External metals:
    Silver (pull, Eraser) - can pull things out of the target's perception (= his 5 senses) which are there; eg. you pull out your presence, making yourself invisible - target cannot see, feel, etc. you. /but a Seeker can!/

    Goloid (push, Illusionist) - can push things to the target's perception (= his 5 senses) which are *not* there; eg. you can make target live illusions (call a dragon, fire, grow your numbers)

    Beware of Tineyes! If they are out of your reach but you are inside theirs, they can see the truth.

    Internal metals:
    Nickel (pull, Sucker) - can pull perceptions of things alive around you inside as one whole image, you pull *everything* in your reach (like a magnet) not only what you want, can be confusing in big full placed; eg. you and 3 friend are evenly standing around a statue = you see the statue from every angle. /can have interesting uses for couples... ;-)/

    Nichrome (push, Numbskin) - can push things out of your perception, ie. filtering it; eg. you are tortured = you push pain out or along with nickel can be used to focus on something.

    I want the shirt! Do you hear me? If not, I will goloid you some nasty nightmares! gandy93 /at/ gmail /dot/ com

    PS: Oh, I am sorry for any spelling mistakes, it is not my mother tongue.

  24. Adamantium. Burning it causes instant growth wicked awesome sideburns.

    Side effects: berserker rages, strong urge for cigars and beer, irritability.

  25. Mercury: A metal that lets you change your appearance to look like someone else for a short time since it's so fluid; of course, since it's also so toxic, it would severely limit how much you could use it, which is good since it would keep it from breaking the powers.

    It would be twinned with thallium amalgam (mercury doesn't form alloys, but amalgams), which would let the burner change the composition of other metals, including metal inside the burner's stomach, allowing him or her to produce different metals in the stomach from what was previously ingested. Thallium is extremely soft and malleable, almost the consistency of clay, so its morphic properties allow it to change other metals.

  26. This doesn't include atium or the metal of Preservation's body since they are not on the periodic table.

  27. Anerasium - opposite of Lerasium, part of the god Ruin's body. Ingesting removes all Mistborn abilities; an alloy of this with one of the allomantic metals will remove only abilities related to that metal when ingested.

  28. Hafnium: when burned, you only have burn half as much of other metals to get the normal result.

  29. Mercury: Despite being poisonous, when burned as soon as it is ingested it would allow the Allomancer to pass easily through objects and walls.

    Alloy of Mercury: Similarly, if the alloy is burned as soon as it is ingested it would allow the Allomancer to have a super heavy/super dense mass, basically making them impenetrable and immovable by any outside force.

  30. Mercury, it would allow you to turn metals to liquid form. The alloy would allow someone to make metals solid ( much less helpful, unless fighting with someone burning mercury.

  31. The base would be
    Bismuth - which has the highest diamagnetism (repels other magnets) when burned it can turn any metal source near the allomancer into an anti-magnet that pushes any allomancer's pushes or pulls; it would throw their trajectory off. A duralumin fueled anti-magnet could prevent any pushes or pulls all together.

    Bisron (bismuth + iron) - alloy - when burned turns a metal source into a magnet so that all other metals and magnetic forces are attracted to it, throwing off pushes and pulls, and a duralumin fueled burn turns a metal source into a super-magnet everything metal in a large area is attracted to it.

    I think this set is perfect for the Mistborn world because it would effect the user as much as everyone else and would require some balanced and strategic use.

  32. I like the idea of uranium or something like it. It would have the power of burning out every persons metals in a set area. By using this the allomancer would die. So only to be used when to do so would save a greater number of lives.

  33. Nickel (a ferromagnetic metal, one of four that is at room temperature): Absorbs Allomantic abilities of metals being burned from nearby Allomancers
    Taenite (iron & nickel alloy): Transfers Allomantic abilities of metals being burned to nearby Allomancers

  34. Zirconium- Draws the natural iron from one's blood into their stomach so it can be burned in an emergency.

    Magnesium- Temporarily allows used to breathe fire, but this metal burns much more quickly that any other metal.

  35. I don't have a metal name, but like sanderson I could just invent one. I'll call it koredonium. Users burning it would have the ability to pull atmosphere. Draw in winds, lightning, cold air from the stratosphere.

  36. Or Pyrite, when you burn it it gives the same visual cues to the user as burning Atium, without any actual foretelling of the future. It IS 'fools gold' after all.

  37. iLerasium - the Iron-Lerasium alloy. While burning iLerasium, you would have the ability to hold metal at a constant position relative to you. Lerasium is of Preservation, so alloyed with Iron, it "preserves" the relative position. The stronger it was burned, the less flexibility the connection would have (while on a low burn, the object might lag a little bit, but would always move toward the initial relative position). iLerasium could be useful for following something like a train; burn it, and you would remain a safe distance behind, but still follow it at its pace. You could also make a shield for yourself and others by latching onto a lot of items and spinning in place so they orbited you.

  38. Mercury...burning it gives you the abilty to add or remove heat from something....You could pull the heat from a pool of water to freeze it for instance, but the heat you remove has to go somewhere else. You could also pull heat from something to keep yourself warm, but only by taking it from another heat source.

  39. The Elemental Metals

    Cobalt - Internal Pulling - The Earth Metal - Allows the user to sense vibrations in the ground, making them able to feel movement from far off, or other, subtler things if they really practice.

    Alnico - Internal Pushing - The Air Metal - Makes the user weightless, but does not change their momentum or direction of travel insofar as it is unaffected by weight (Pulling yourself toward something and then burning Alnico won't affect your travel toward your anchor except to make you faster due to your decreased weight).

    Silver - External Pulling - The Water Metal -
    Freezes a nearby source of liquid by draining the heat from it, but this heat has to go somewhere. You can either have it dispersed into the air or draw it into yourself.

    Sterling - External Pushing - The Fire Metal -
    Ramps up the intensity of a nearby heat source exponentially, usually causing the target to burst in to flame.

  40. Ruthenium
    A hemelurgic being -such as Kandra, Koloss or inqusitors- burning Ruthenium would have complete controll of its own mind.