Monday, April 25, 2011

A Moving Contest Winners!

We loved reading all of the great comments!

I kept track of where everyone wanted to move and here are the results:

Roshar: 32 (various places... many potential light-eyes!)
Scadrial: 18 (who wouldn't want to be a Mistborn?)
Nalthis: 15 (where everyone could do magic if they wanted)
Elantris: 10 (the possibility of immortality is very tempting...)
Inner Libraria: 7 (glass dragons anyone?)
Dragonsteel: 3 (they really want to find Hoid!)
Shadesmar: 2 (a mysterious place yet to be explored)

Now for the winners:

Kaladin T-shirt Winners: 

1. Bryce's Ramblings (He's an evil librarian!)
2. Bradley J. Menne (Wants to move to Scadrial.)

Button Pack Winners:

1. Jeremy Bowers (wants to meet an evil librarian)
2. Emily (hoping to be Dalinar's scribe)

All winners please send me an email at that includes your address and your size (if applicable!).

Thanks to everyone for participating!  I already have a great idea for next month's contest...  I should be moved in fully and hopefully somewhat settled by then.


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