Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Deals!

ALL t-shirts are on sale! From noon-midnight ONLY!! Free shipping code: cybermonday also available. Go to:

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Invite Contest Results

Happy Thanksgiving!

First, the Winners:

*Please email me at inkwingarts at gmail dot com with your shirt design, size, and an address!*

Next, Coupon Codes:

1. HAMISBETTER for 25% off your entire order (Turkey Day only)
2. BLACKFRIDAYRULES for Free Shipping (Black Friday only)
3. PUTUPTHETREEDAY for $5 off your order (Sat 11/26 only)

Last, FYI:

1. There will be a huge sale on t-shirts Cyber Monday.
2. There will be additional coupon codes through Twitter/Facebook on Cyber Monday.
3. I only have 7 gamer bag sets left. If you want one, don't wait!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Invite Contest

We have a new product! Behold the ultimate Gamer Bags:

Pick your theme and you'll have two bags coming to you!

Seriously, these are awesome! Handmade by myself and my wonderful mother, these bags are so amazing that we are never making them again. Why? It has taken us a year to finish them. Totally worth it!! They are beautiful! We only made a limited number of them so when they are gone... they are gone FOREVER!! So if you want a set, I would order it sooner rather than later.

I'm so thankful these bags are done and ready to sell. Just in time for the holidays! We will be having a Cyber Monday sale so check us out that day. I would recommend following us on Twitter or our Facebook Page for random coupon codes too.

Okay! This month's contest details: Comment below with the one person from Brandon's worlds you would like to invite to your Thanksgiving Dinner and why. Three winners will be chosen randomly for a t-shirt of their choice. Winners will be announced Thanksgiving Day (along with some great coupon codes). We enjoy reading all of  your comments! Good Luck!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Midnight Release Party Pics

We had a fabulous time at Brandon's midnight release party for Alloy of Law. Here's some pics:

Cool makeup! (17th Shard's Josh Walker)
17th Shard showing off their new t-shirts!
It's baby Kaladin! Seriously!
It's baby Kaladin's blanket made just for him.
Brandon and Isaac pre-signing books.
Peter and his lovely wife Karen as Allomancer Jak and Ms. Jak.
Our first winner!
Our second winner! It's her first Brandon book. Welcome!
Personalizing books takes a long time, but very worth it! Thanks Brandon and Isaac!
We had a 3rd winner, but don't know why I didn't snap a pic of him. Weird.

I hope many of you will get to see and chat with Brandon as he is on tour. 
Send us a pic in your InkWing shirt and we'll post it!

We hope you can join us at the next midnight release next year, same place! 
Start planning now cuz its gonna be HUGE!!