Monday, March 28, 2011

We have Winners!

It took us forever last night to pick our favorites!  Isaac and I were laughing so hard and just enjoying each of the comments.  Thanks so much for all your participation!

We were finally able to get down to an Elite Eight (It was so very hard!).  And, because I can't give that many shirts away (sad!), the top 3 get their choice of shirt and the other 5 get free stickers.  So, the winners:

First Place: 
Syd said...
Happy Birthday to Sazed! I am giving you Wonder Woman's bracelets of Amazonium. They store VIRILITY- giving you your balls back!
Second Place:

Kyle said...
happy birthday. I would give Ruin the entire "Twilight" universe. Let him destroy the hell out of that!
Third Place:
Carl said...
I would give Marsh some Visine.

Fourth Place Ties (in no particular order!):

Clintd27 said...
I would give Ruin Terry Goodkind.
André said...
I would give Vin a bath.
Daniel McShea said...
I would give Sazed a holy bible, have fun with that one buddy!
Todd Moses said...
Breeze needs the new Pat Rothfuss book.
Lauren Roundy said...
I would give Kelsier the Elder Wand from the Harry Potter series :)

And of course our Random T-shirt winner: Midanya Fellshard! 

Congratualtions to all our Winners!  Winners, please send me an email ( so I can get your prizes shipped to you.  All of the comments are worth reading so take the time to browse them.  Thanks again for participating!  We will do another fun contest in April so keep checking back.


  1. What email address should we contact you at?

  2. Dang it. Ah well. Maybe next time.

  3. Everyone giving things to Ruin, yet no one thought to give Firefly to Preservation. *sad*

    And ditto Todd -- where do we email you? XD

  4. Nobody thought to give Smeyer herself to Ruin?

  5. Email me at:

    I fixed the post to include my email. Thanks!!