Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WorldCon Contest Results

WorldCon was a blast! Thanks to everyone who found me and let me give them fun stuff.

We enjoyed reading through your comments. Many of you put some great thought into your posts. Wow! It was very hard to pick winners, but we did manage it.

Contest Winners:

James Clark

Please email me: inkwingarts@gmail.com with your desired shirt, size, and address.

I have a few extra goodies left over from WorldCon, so if you want one... email me and ask!

Thanks for your participation!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WorldCon Contest

Isaac and I are headed to WorldCon in Reno, and I'm way excited! So excited that I think I will make it more fun by giving lots of stuff away. Yay!

I will have free t-shirts, stickers, and anything else I can find to give away at WorldCon. I will randomly Tweet where I'm at and what I'm wearing and the first person to find me gets the prize. Pretty simple. So if you're attending WorldCon... come say hi!

For everyone else that cannot attend WorldCon, I will run a normal contest here:  If you were in charge of the Mistborn world and could make a metal with a cool power, what would it be? Comment to win a free t-shirt of your choice. We will pick our favorites!

This week I have a FREE SHIPPING coupon for all contest participants: worldconrules

Product Updates:
**Stormlight T-shirts are now $17.95 and printed on a navy blue t-shirt instead of black. A better, softer shirt that I think we will be using from now on.
**Allow of Law T-shirts will be sent to the printer soon. Still working out a few details. But it looks awesome!! And it will be on the new soft shirts.

Contest results will be posted on Tuesday, August 23.

Good luck!