Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coupon Contest Results

Thanks for all the comments and wonderful coupon ideas! I will use them.  :-)

Free shipping was the most popular so here's a coupon code for it: SHIPPINGSTINKS
This coupon will be good until the end of the month! Thanks for you participation!

I will usually include a fun coupon code when I do these contests. And once in a while I will possibly post them on Twitter and/or Facebook randomly.

Quick update: We are working on a fabulous shirt design for Alloy of Law. Hoping to have it available next month by the time we head to WorldCon. I'll keep ya'll posted!

Winners this month will be determined by speed. I have created a coupon for a free shirt and put a limit of 3 on it. So, the first 3 people to use the code at checkout, get the free t-shirt.  Here it is: FREEFORME ***Coupon ended up not working as well as hoped.  See next post. ***

Ready, set.... GO!


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  2. dang that went fast! Awesome way to do it.