Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Contest Winner!

Congratulations to "Benjamin Hale" for winning a Feruchemical Fine Art Print Prototype!! Please email me at inkwingarts at gmail dot come an address to sent this to and it will be shipped within the month.

For everyone else, the Print goes on sale today at NOON (Mountain Daylight Savings time).

For quick access, click HERE.

Remember this is a limited print, so once they are gone, they are gone.

Thanks for all you comments. We will definitely use them when we get ready to do more prints!

Epic Fans are the Best!


  1. Regarding artwork, I notice that the books released in the UK have completely different artwork. I'm guessing there's a good reason, I as prefer the UK artwork :P

    Which leads me to this question: Who does the UK cover art for Sanderson's books..?

    1. The interior artwork in the UK editions is almost identical to that in the US editions. As for who does the UK covers...I'll have to check the dust jacket next time I have one handy.

  2. Just trying to confirm you received my email. Should have come from a .edu address.