Monday, February 27, 2012

February Contest Results!

Wow! Thanks for all your votes and comments. They really help a ton!

Here are the results:

#1: 112 votes
#2: 33 votes
#3A: 73 votes
#3B: 128 votes

Due to such a close vote between #3B and #1, we decided to print BOTH designs. So, they are now available for PRE-ORDER!!

Now, for our winners:

1- Courtland vs Elephants
2- Sarabhi
3- cnborjas

And because we had such a great turn out...

Bonus Winner- Steven Maierson

Winner, please email me at inkwingarts at gmail dot com with your desired design, size, and an address to ship it to.

Thanks so much for participating! Come back for next month's contest!


  1. Two questions:

    1. When are they expected to ship/be available?

    2. Do you guys have some sort of size comparison chart or something (or the brand of base shirt you use, failing that)? I'm woried about getting a shirt on a guesstimated size then having it shrink over a month or two of wearing/washing it. That happens to me all the time with Threadless shirts; starts perfectly sized, then shrinks over time. Drives me nuts.

    1. 1. We are meeting with the printers tonight to finalize ink colors. I'm hoping to have them printed end of this week, early next week at the latest.

      2. We use Gildan Soft Style so that it appeals to both men and women. Here's a size chart I googled: I haven't had any problems with shrinking, but if you're worried about it, get one size larger than you normally would.


  2. Hey its been a few week just checking to see when the stirs will be shipping :)

  3. I'm sorry I ment to type shirts, when will the shirts be shipping?

    1. We just approved the prototype last night so it should be soon. The printer was violently sick last week so it's been a bit delayed. Well worth the wait! They look so awesome!!


  4. Wonderful! I am very excited to get mine :)

  5. do these still exist somewhere? i'd very much like one.

  6. I agree. Are these available for purchase? I'd absolutely LOVE a #3B shirt. :D